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Independence, Wisconsin

The City of Independence was established in 1876. It is situated on the confluence of Elk Creek and the Trempealeau River, a tributary to the mighty Mississippi River. The City lies on a plain which is Independence Churchsurrounded by lush wooded hills and valleys with roads which invite you to explore the beauty of the country.Independence Church

A restored 1902 City Hall and Opera House and the beautiful architecture of the famous Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church built in 1895 are highlights.

Four Season Park has picnic shelters, children's play area, softball field, volleyball, tennis and basketball courts. City Hall Park located next to Bugle Lake is an excellent place to relax and offers picnic and children's play areas.

For nearly a hundred years, the clock tower standing proudly at the top of the Independence City Hall has kept its faithful vigil. But, the tower and the building are more than just a structure from the past. Since 1903, when the unique building was completed, it has been a proud landmark for the small city of Independence. The Wisconsin State Historical Society has called it "The most visible outstanding government building in Trempealeau County".

In 1997, the City and The Friends of City Hall, with pride and determination, made a commitment to restore this historical landmark and coax it back to its once genteel days. Volunteers have raised tens of thousands of dollars and donated countless hours to help restore the historic landmark. New stage curtains and brocade-covered theatre seats add a touch of elegance and once again the golden maple floors shine. Family events and community events can be held at the Historic Opera House, where you will find a delightful combination of yesterday and today. Handicapped Accessible. Independence Veterans Memorial

Like all small towns in America, many young men and women of Independence have served gallantly in the armed forces, helping to keep America strong and free. At the Veteran's Memorial Museum located at Independence High School, hundreds of stories of these servicemen and women have been preserved. Established through volunteer efforts in 2000, the Veteran's Memorial Museum consists of display cases of artifacts dating from the Civil War as well as an entire hallway -" the Hallway of Heroes" containing photographs and biographies, all directly related to the veterans of the Independence area.

Get away and attend Independence Days, which is a celebration held the second weekend of June. Or, enjoy the annual ice fishing contest on the second Sunday of February on Bugle Lake in the heart of Independence. For more information, contact the City Clerk at (715) 985-3055.

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